How to Make a Gymnastics Headband

Headbands are hands-down my favorite accessory in the gym. They are fantastic for keeping your hair out of your face and messing with your gymmie up-do for the day.  Here close to the equator, they come with me everywhere to keep my hair from sticking to the back of my neck in the above 100 degree heat.

I use a friendship bracelet style of making the headbands. Take a couple minutes to watch this great youtube tutorial on how to make one!

I loved the patterns when I was younger but they are even better with this chunky goodness the t-shirt yarn provides. These patterns will have a way to adjust the size according to who is wearing it. In other terms, these are one size fits all. Not only are they super snugarific and comfy, they can be washed with the laundry, they used to run with that crew back in the day.

You can make awesome gymnastics headbands yourself

What you’ll need:

  • Different colored strips from yarn balls
  • masking tape or heavy duty paper clip


30 mins or less


  1.  Measure out 4 yards (or meters) of t-shirt yarn in the colors of your choice
  2. Fold the strips straight down the middle to double your working yarn
  3. Secure the fold with masking tape or a paper clip. (I don’t tie it off and I’ll share with you why at the end, I promise)
  4. Set your yarn and do a Chevron Friendship Bracelet Pattern.
  5. When you have reached to where you want the chevron pattern to stop begin a fishtail braid.
  6. Secure at the end with one of the strips.
  7. Take off tape or remove paper clip to reveal a loop to inset the secured end for the completed headband.


I would love to see what kinds of headbands you come up with!

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