A Kiss for a Gymnast: DIY Hershey Kiss Labels

DIYhersheykisslabelsI was asked by a friend to do some designs for her daughter’s 7th birthday this weekend. She is having a pool party and most of the girls, including birthday girl herself, are gymnasts. They’ll be doing flips into a pool and not a pit, but who says you can’t have a gymnastics party outside of the gym? Not this lady!

I picked a cool blue, aqua and white as the color pallet for all of the party favors. I love chevrons, you’ll see them everywhere in my designs until I can’t stand their perfect form no longer. Until then, I’ll find every excuse to use them. In this case, the chevrons equal water. Water is symbolic for changes, purity, etc… and there you have it folks, my reasoning for using them here.

I know you are asking yourself “how the heck did she make them?” so I’ll cut to it.

How to Make  Hershey Kiss Labels:

1. Design

I’ve done this part for you by designing 24 different circles using the color pallet and a few gymnastics silhouettes and put them on a 4 x 6 document. Here’s what I came up with:


NOTE: Feel free to use this picture however you may see fit, pin it, print it but please do NOT sell these designs.

2. Print

I printed the 4 x 6 image onto blank shipping labels.

3. Punch

I used a 3/4 inch to punch out each of the holes. This was the fun part and it has an odd similarity to bubble wrap in it’s stress relief capabilities and simple satisfaction.


4. Stick

Peel off the backing and slap them babies on some Hershey Kisses. I got them here in Singapore and I feel retarded now paying $6 a bag of about 20 when you can get them on Amazon for so much cheaper. I bet Wal-Mart (oh, how I miss Wal-Mart) has them at an even better price.

5. Enjoy!


I’m really happy with the way these little babies turned out. They are almost too cute to eat….ALMOST! professional touch

Want to make your own but don’t have the supplies yet? I’ve done the searching for you…

Avery Shipping Labels for Laser Printers, 8.5 x 11 Inch, White, Box of 100 (5165)

Hershey’s Chocolate Kisses, 56 Ounce

EK Success Paper Shapers 3/4-Inch Circle Nesting Punch

When you are ready to make your own you can download the designs here. Alternatively, if you would like your own custom made gymnastics Hershey Kiss Label designs shoot me an email and we can come up with something fantastic to fix your sweet tooth.

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