Gymnastics Birthday Invitation Tutorial

inviteThe invitation to your gymnastics themed birthday party is your chance to make an outstanding first impression. Whether you do the designing yourself or you outsource the design you will want your invitations to compliment the style of your gymnastics themed party with the same colors and flair as you plan your party to be. Your gymnasts strive for excellence and so should you!

I’m sharing with you steps on how to print your own awesome gymnastics birthday invitations from a digital file that you might perhaps have purchased in the Gymnastics Themed Birthday Digital Package. I’m doing most of the work for you, just follow these easy steps to giving your gymnast a wicked gymnastics party invitation.

What you’ll need for you Gymnastics Party Invites:

  • printer
  • your choice of paper (I prefer card stock because it’s thicker and heavier so it doesn’t get shuffled in with any ol’ paper)
  • scissors or paper cutter
  • envelopes


  1. Download the designed files. The HandXStand will send you the invitations in a JPG file and a PDF files of the invites  hat are 4×6 and 5×7 which are the most common sizes. The JPG file can be emailed easily as an attachment to your party attendees or you can print as many copies as you need at a local photo center or website of your choice. The PDF file is for the more DIY kind of peeps and is printer friendly so you can do this is in the comfort of your own home.


    Landscape Layout for Gymnastics Themed Birthday Party

  2. Pick your paper. For easy peasey, low cost option you can use regular printing paper. I recommend using A4 cardstock, it has a greater thickness and weight that shows you give a little more effort. The HandxStand will send you files in A4, but if you are used to a different size like 8×11 we can do the ol’ switcharoo for you or you can learn how to adjust the settings in your computer below.
  3. Insert your paper. There are different ways to insert paper depending on your printer. For Inkjet printers place your cardstock snug against the right feed side and adjust the feed guide to be flush with the left side. For Laser printers put the paper in manual feed and adjust the guides to fit the cardstock.
  4. Print. Once you click print you can adjust the page set up here. First, Page Size, with adobe you can find the A4 option for printing. Next is selecting your orientation. Select Portrait if the shortest edge of the invites are facing up and select Landscape if the longest side is face up just like the one above. Some printers will give you an option to select which kind of paper in the Paper Properties. This is where you would choose cardstock or something similar in weight. PRINTING TIP!!! Do a test page on regular paper to make sure everything looks good, this way you don’t end up wasting that beautiful yet a little more pricey cardstock.
  5. Cut along the edges of your invite using scissors or for an even better line, use a paper cutter.
  6. Stuff your envelopes. Remember there are two sizes 4×6 and 5×7, make sure your envelopes match your printing size. Sure I’ve put some 4×6 invites in a 5×7 envelope and tried to pass it off as I meant to do it but a 5×7 invite won’t fit in the 4×6 unless you fold it and then you might slap yourself in the forehead.

2 thoughts on “Gymnastics Birthday Invitation Tutorial

  1. I honestly didn’t expect to see a article like Gymnastics Birthday Invitation Tutorial | The Hand X Stand today. Very impressive. Reminds me of something I read about handmade stationery the other day.

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