Gymnastics Water Bottle Labels You Can Do Yourself

2be07014ad8d11e2996722000a9f18fe_6Keep your gymnasts, coaches and fans hydrated with Custom Gymnastics Water bottle labels. Personalizing a water bottle for a gymnastics themed birthday party or gymnastics competition is almost so simple I thought twice about making a tutoria but I think there are some points and tips I can share so you don’t make the same mistakes I did.


  • Store bought water bottles (buying in Bulk will save you $$)
  • Water Bottle Template
  • Blank Waterproof Labels (I like Water Resistant Vinyl like the ones at Labels by the Sheet, but I’ve found other brands easily at craft stores too)

Steps to making your own Gymnastics Water Bottle Labels

  1. Remove the labels from the store bought water bottles. Easiest way is to use a scissors, some come off easily with fingers. waterbottlezebrasample
  2. Printing Your labels from the PDF files included in the Gymnastics Themed Birthday Party Digital Package or Gymnastics Competition Digital Package from the HandXStand should be done on a waterproofed paper. I’ve done the more economical way, printing on paper and using packaging tape and I will never do it again! The moment you get it wet it bleeds and some of it gets on ur hands, not cool. Opt for the waterproof paper, its a little bit more expensive but totally worth it.
  3. Cut the labels with a scissors or paper cutter. waterbottlecut
  4. Pull off the backing and apply to the bottle.zebrawaterbottle
  5. Enjoy!

Not only are custom gymnastics water bottles a fun idea to make your party one cohesive success but every gymnastics competition has plenty of opportunity to brand your event with these awesomely essential goodies.

  • judges’ tables
  • judges’ hospitality rooms
  • coaches’ hospitality rooms
  • concessions
  • gymnast goodie bags
  • volunteer staff room
  • first aid

I hope to see some at a competition soon!

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