DIY Gymnastics Banner

IMG_5623Gymnastics Birthday banners are a great little way to spice up the walls if you are having a gymnastics themed birthday party in any type of room, gymnastics center. They are even so versatile they can be strung outdoors for your gymnastics themed party. Some call them banners or bunting while others call them flag pennants, no matter what you call them I think their trainglular goodness is awesome. So awesome, in fact, that have planned a special Free Fab Five Banner for all of my readers by the end of the week so stay in the loop.

How to make your very own Gymnastics Banner:

1. Download

If you purchase the Digital Birthday Party pack from the HandXstand you will receive a ready to print PDF file of banners. Depending on what you wanted on the banners it can be a range from 1-12 pages.

2. Print


Print those babies out. I dd this one with only 3 prints, but feel free to print out as many as you would like.


IMG_5618Cutting the banners out is a cinch. Save yourself some time and paper clip all the papers together before you cut. (work smarter not harder!)

4. Glue


I used a simple glue stick to glue the top of each banner to my string. I used embroidery floss, the same used for friendship bracelets. Just about any string you have laying around the house would do.

5. Fold


You’ll want to make sure the banners stay in place. A good way to do this is to fold over the top, that way the string catches the fold and hangs properly. Fold over about 1/4 in. and you’ll be set to go.

6. Hang

IMG_5624Find a sweet spot to hang your lovely creation. I wanted to put it on my headboard, I think this one is quite cute. Don’t you agree?

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